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Use the mouse on any kind of a surface. Smoothly and precisely.
Solid shardies mouse pad lying on a duvet in bed

On a desk, as well as on a sofa, in a bed, on a car seat, or perhaps on grass in a park - simply on any uneven surface, control your laptop with a mouse. Smoothly, precisely - and in style.

Mouse pads are generally intended for a desk. But you are not always sitting at your desk when working on a laptop. If you're not comfortable with working on a touchpad, our solid mouse pads are for you. Their body made of a plexiglass provides a perfectly flat surface for the mouse no matter what you place the mouse pad on. So even if it requires a precise mouse operation, such as when you create graphics or you're gaming, you can easily stay in bed.

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Designed and constructed the way it is not only a mouse pad.
Shardies mouse pads used as a writing pad and a ruler

The construction turns the mouse pad into a multi-functional pad. It not only enhances its primary function but also allows some unconventional use. Such a solid pad you carry around in your laptop bag may come in handy.

Use shardies solid mouse pad as a writing pad to take some notes when you don't have a table around. Scribble down an immediate idea during your daily commute. It may serve well as a ruler to highlight text in your study papers. Or perhaps you can use it as an improvised mini table to put a drink on when hanging out with friends in a park after work.

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Made of the premium materials to bring a premium user experience.
Shardies mouse pads in various colors stacked on top of each other

We believe that it's a design and an elevated user's experience what make our mouse pads different. And the materials used are the groundwork for such a difference. Thoroughly selected and thoroughly tested.

A solid, thus at all surfaces perfectly flat body of the mouse pad made of a plexiglass ensures a prompt mouse's response as it never loses contact with the pad. The upper microporous vinyl skin minimizes friction. The mouse slides smoothly over the mouse pad relieving a wrist exertion in day long work or gaming. Four ultrathin anti-slip rubber stands hold the mouse pad firmly in place even when placed on a glass tabletop.

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Choose a color. We will manually assemble the mouse pad for you.
Manual assembly template for Shardies mouse pads used on the desk

Hand-made products possess a special trait, which makes them subconsciously more appealing - this little magic is called 'a human touch'. And we wanted this magic to be present in our mouse pads as well.

Along with designing the mouse pads, an assembly tool was developed, by means of which each mouse pad is put manually together from separate parts within a few minutes. We assemble the mouse pad only when you order one. This not only allows us to react to an actual demand for particular colors, but it also gives us an opportunity to prepare it not just for our customer, but for someone, whose name we already know.

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As a designer, I always strive to add the little "extra" to ordinary.
Martin Hejda - Shardies mouse pads designer in his office

Hi, I'm Martin Hejda and I've designed shardies solid mouse pads. I've always admired beautiful and functional products and the ingenuity of their making. To such an extent I gradually went from admiring to creating.

There's a plenty of products around us we use solely for their good function, though items so ordinary, we don't even expect it may have any aesthetic appeal at all. I very much enjoy redesigning such products - giving it a fresh look and causing surprise when seen in a new shape. And if even product's functionality has been improved along the way, the designer's job is done.

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